• FREEDOM OF SPEECH PLATFORM where you are free to speak researched truth, however if you speak propaganda you maybe called on it! We are about WORLDWIDE freedom and truth and paying it forward.
  • Social Research platform where we research the illusion of what we are told vs. hard cold truth
  • FreedomTeams: Recruit millions of people worldwide
  • Take Action: Organize and take actions to stop evil
  • FreedomMarket: Create Local Marketplaces anywhere in the world, when we cannot enter stores, we will create local economies
  • 1776 Token: A digital currency created with a technological approach to bypass the coming central bank cashless society enslavement system

What is Freedom social ?

A social platform for decent law abiding less government minded folks in favor of Freedom to meet like minded folks to discuss important topics that are being censored or deleted from mainstream propaganda / fake news media


FreedomTube has over 100 Independent Media Channels that were very popular on YouTube


FreedomMarket is both a private marketplace and decentralized open source local & worldwide marketplace

1776 Tokens

A digital currency created with a technological approach to circumvent the coming Beast System