For a digital currency to have long term success:

1. It must have a use case and be used as money: The 1776 Token is used as money on FreedomMarket, and all end users are paid in 1776 to post, like, share, view and refer on and

2. It must have marketing and distribution and be exposed to millions of people: The 1776 Token will be exposed to millions of people on a regular basis on and 3) It must be affordable with super growth potential. 177,600,000 tokens were created, and we're giving away 10 free tokens to 10 million people to: 1) Make it unstoppable 2) Create a very large unstoppable private blockchain.

3. Surmising: When we enter the exchanges, because we will have a large unstoppable blockchain, and the 1776 Token is used as money, and the 1776 Token circumvents Private Blockchains, the 1776 Token could have a high valuation.

4. After we enter the exchanges, products and services can be purchased on FreedomMarket and open source Freedom Markets /signup, thus the 1776 Token is used as money, and the marketplaces circumvents to a degree the coming Private Blockchains.

5. is similar to YouTube, however we promote the truth while YouTube censors the truth. is a Truth Seekers platform and an Independent Media platform where we are paying YouTube channels to post on FreedomTube - and - promote the 1776 Token and FreedomTube on their YouTube channels. FreedomTube and has free IPTV and WebRTC for independent media to broadcast worldwide. We will have HUNDREDS of independent media outlets on the Freedom platform promoting the platform and the 1776 Token. The 1776 Token has massive marketing and distribution and will be exposed to millions of people. The 1776 Token could easily be a top 10 digital currency and the next Bitcoin. The 1776 Token has its own forum with 22,000 Members: and the forum is

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1776 Token Masternodes

Purchase Price of a 1776 Token Masternode:
  • It costs 4000 1776 Tokens per Masternode
  • The current price of a 1776 Token is $0.25
  • The current price per 1776 Masternode is $1000.00 plus $200.00 installation fee and hosting fee per Masternode or $1200.00 Total


FOR MORE INFORMATION EMAIL: Kent at [email protected].

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1776 is Proof of Stake, meaning there is a miner built into the wallets that mine digital currency (this takes next to zero resources as far as electricity and very low computer power). Bitcoin and most other cryptocurrencies are called Proof of Work, this requires high powered specialized computers and takes a massive amount of electricity to mine cryptocurrency.


  • With Proof of Stake mining is called “Staking”, the more 1776 Tokens in your wallet the higher the odds are you will receive “Staking Rewards”
  • With Proof of Stake every person who leaves their computer running and wallet running gets paid in 1776 to leave your wallet running and your wallet running
  • Staking Rewards earn 3.9 1776 Tokens per reward and only stake intermittingly and not 24/7 however it greatly helps if wallets left running 24/7
  • The 1776 Token has Masternodes
  • Masternodes are the heart of a Proof of Stake network as they work 27/7/365
  • Masternodes provide “Masternode Rewards” of 6 1776 Tokens per reward as well as earn Staking Rewards

Why Purchase 1776 Tokens and Masternodes?

The 1776 Token and FreedomMarket have been designed to circumvent the coming world control system, read our new report called the Decentralized digital currency Nightmare detailing the facts of what central banks, governments and corporations are in the process of doing with specifically blockchain technology.

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The Decentralized digital currency Nightmare: Private Blockchains

The report: The Decentralized digital currency Nightmare proves public blockchains and private blockchains will converge and communicate. Countries, banks, and corporations have created private blockchains and placing every conceivable product and service on private blockchains that generate metadata. Central banks control BTC, ETH, LTC and XRP and zCash and control Coinbase, Poloniex and other major exchanges. Our theory created by a pattern of proof says governments are going to allow decentralized cryptocurrencies make transactions on private blockchains. Additionally, the US Congress is considering legislation to charge internet taxes. After this is governments can get rid of paper money and go to a cashless society, and they will be able to charge carbon taxes or VATs.

The Report:

Most every conceivable product and service, most every conceivable tangible asset and commodity will be on private blockchains. Purchasing options will be limited.

The options to circumvent the control system are bartering, private marketplaces, decentralized open source marketplaces and products like Demonsaw that provide anonymity.

We recently created a decentralized open source marketplace with an example located at /signup. The marketplace features the 1776 Token digital currency and any digital currency can be added as a payment option. We also have a private marketplace located at

It is required to utilize the following specifications for blockchain technology and digital currency technology:

  • Cryptocurrencies must be Proof of Stake. Proof of Work cryptocurrencies mining can be taken over and controlled by governments and/or special interest groups. An example is China controls 90% of Bitcoin mining. Proof of Stake has the miner built into the cryptocurrency wallet and requires next to zero resources. Proof of Stake allows its network to control the cryptocurrency.
  • Cryptocurrencies must provide obfuscation and a high level of anonymity
  • Cryptocurrencies must have its own private blockchain that is built into the wallets

The 1776 Token located at has the above technological approach.

After this is put in place, the Freedom Platform is an entire ecosystem for those who desire to live free outside of the control system can choose to so do. And the 1776 Token and 1776 Masternodes have the potential to play a major part and the potential to be very valuable.

MORE INFORMATION EMAIL: Kent at [email protected]